Leopold Alfred John McGough (born June 3, 1973) is an American film and television director, producer and screenwriter, best known for his Leoverse films, a series of teen comedy films that take place in the same universe, including Ass-Kickers' Association (2002), Trashcan Kids (2007), Drama Club (2013) and Critically Acclaimed Dimples (2015).

Early life Edit

Career Edit

Personal life Edit

McGough was raised in the Roman Catholic faith. In 2004 he stated that he was an atheist, but as of 2014 he identifies as a "non-religious Christian".

In an interview with Carmen Livestrang for The Livestrang Show in 2015, McGough came out publicly as gay and said that of all his Leoverse films, Drama Club most closely resembled his teenage years, explaining, "A lot of the editing process was me wanting to depict a more accurate and personal story of my own youth through these characters." He said that he also wrote "a little bit of [him]self" in the character Nathaniel Ross from the film Ass-Kickers' Association, saying that he was still grappling with his sexuality at the point of writing the screenplay and was trying to distance himself from his identity as a gay man, but recognizing his same-sex attraction, by writing Nathaniel as bisexual. On the comparison between Drama Club and Ass-Kickers' Association, he said:

"While I do acknowledge that Drama Club is a more accurate portrayal of my difficulties as a teenager in dealing with my sexuality, I must admit that Ass-Kickers' Association was written in a very similar frame of mind as the one I held during the Drama Club editing process. I was a confused man who was aware of my confused teenage years, and I wanted to show that. Ultimately, I was too scared to make Nathaniel gay, so I made him bisexual, because that made me feel a little more normal. Through that, Nathaniel is a reflection of the sexual insecurities that I felt throughout both my teenage years and the majority of my adult life."

Filmography Edit

Year Title Director (Executive) Producer Writer Notes
2002 Ass-Kickers' Association Yes Yes
2003 The Girl in Black Yes Co-written with Douglas Whiley and James Coppola
2004 Melancholy Piano Yes
2005 Ugly in Love Yes Yes Co-directed and -written by Ryan Shizuka
2006 Hit Me Up Yes
2007 Trashcan Kids Yes Yes Co-produced with Rebecca Paige Martin
2008 Arguably Innocent Yes
2009 The Intangible History of Alanna Clay-Jones Yes Yes Yes Co-directed with Cassidy Morgan
2011 Joy, Surrounded by Catastrophe Yes Yes Yes Based on the novel by Rhennon Crown; co-written with Ashley Cardwell
2013 Drama Club Yes Yes Co-written with Ashley Cardwell
2014 Luke & Nikki's Wall of Art Yes Yes Based on the novel by Nicholas Avery
Waiting Yes
2015 Critically Acclaimed Dimples Yes Yes Yes Co-written with Ryan Shizuka
2016 Desire Yes
Emily Unplugged Yes Yes Based on the novel by Nicholas Avery; co-written with Eleanor Bigsby
2017 Paper Cuts Yes Based on the novel by Nicholas Avery
2019 Neck of the Lockwoods Yes Based on the novel by and co-written with Allison Harper
2020 Untitled Leoverse film Yes Co-writing with Ashling Mitchell (possibly)
2022 Ass-Kickers' Reunion Yes Yes

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